A data-driven approach to high yield multifamily investments

How we work with investors

Real Estate Syndication

A greater amount of seed capital allows us to invest in quality assets with strong growth potential. Through syndication, we pool our capital along with our investors to secure impressive commercial multifamily assets that offer value-add potential and are cash flow positive from day one.

Acquisition & Management

Our team executes a proprietary data-driven process that vets numerous deals before selecting an ideal asset for acquisition. On behalf of our investor partners, we then optimize, renovate, and enhance the management of this multifamily asset, ensuring it grows in value.  

Tax Advantaged Returns

A positive cash flow from the get-go means that our investors get regular distributions early on in the process. When the asset is divested, they receive their initial capital plus a share of the profit. Commercial real estate has several tax advantages that enable us to pass significant tax benefits from cost segregation and accelerated depreciation directly to our investors.

How We Identify Markets

Multifamily properties in cities that have projected strong economic growth will increase in value over time. We use a data-driven approach to identify and invest in these markets. 


We target markets that are adding a significant number of high-paying jobs across a diversity of sectors.


We track demographic data to identify our markets. A growing population positively impacts property values by creating a strong demand for multifamily rental properties.


The 5 year rent growth forecast is a key performance indicator. When rent numbers increase, so will the value of the properties.


We carefully monitor the supply of local units to ensure we invest in markets where our properties will remain competitive.

How We Select Properties

We use advanced data-driven analysis to identify fundamentally sound, value-add multifamily assets.


Our conservative underwriting process ensures that only a small fraction of the properties we evaluate meet our strict investment criteria


We look for well-located assets in carefully selected markets where thoughtful property improvements, interior renovations, and decreasing operational expenses will create significant value enhancement.


We select properties in locations that are in the path of progress and experiencing increasing corporate relocations or landmark construction.


Our process ensures that we invest in properties with a demonstrated 12 month track record of rent growth.

The Process After Acquisition

Falcon goes through a strategic process to rebrand, renovate and reposition our properties. Throughout our process, we make sure to add value and enhance the quality of life for every tenant and person that works alongside us. 

How do investors benefit from this process

Falcon’s investors are able to experience significant double digit gains that consistently outperform the stock market, while enjoying tremendous tax benefits in a very safe asset class. 

How to become an investor